Jackie Chan Rides a Brammo, Will Sell it in Asia

Jackie Chan on a Brammo Enertia
Jackie Chan on a Brammo Enertia

In brief: Action superstar Jackie Chan recently rode a Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle to get acquainted with it for his next movie, Chinese Zodiac and someone got pictures.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Enertia
Manufacturer: Brammo

The word

Jackie Chan and Enertia

Jackie Chan also is co-founded of Jackie Chan Advanced Mobility (JCAM), Hong Kong's Segway Scooter distributor, and has reportedly signed a deal to begin selling Brammo's products as well.

Brammo's CEO, Craig Bramscher, has been visiting Asia quite often recently and a Jackie Chan and Brammo fan named, appropriately, BrammoFan, put two-and-two together and caught pictures of Chan riding the Enertia, practicing for his latest film in the making.

The potential Hong Kong sales of the Brammo are huge and speculation is that it could easily bring the price of the Enertia down even further as Brammo up-sizes to accommodate.

Jackie Chan and Enertia

And so ...

Being a fan of both Brammo and Jackie Chan myself, this is very cool to see. Can't wait to see what the "do all my own stunts" master does with the Enertia in his next film!

Photo credits: BrammoFan

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