ISO Publishes Improved Safety Standard for Electric Vehicles


In brief: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published an updated, improved safety specifications guide for electrically propelled vehicles.

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Hybrid Bus Designated the ISO 6469 (in two parts), the specifications are to help manufacturers in designing electric vehicles. It also provides framework for guides for emergency responders when dealing with accidents involving EVs.

Part 1 of the revised standards specifies safety requirements for on-board energy storage and recharging systems, which includes battery electrics, fuel cell, and hybrid vehicles.

This section gives requirements for electrical discharge, emissions hazards (should the battery or components be breached), heat generation standards and mitigations, over-current regulation requirements, and more.

Part 2 of the revised standards deals with operational safety. This regards the propulsion system when driving, parked, and in terms of emissions handling for electromagnetic and other inputs or outputs. Emergency response informational guidelines are also in this section.

A new section, which has not yet been approved, is Part 3, which deals specifically with the passenger compartment and the immediate area outside of it for safety concerns with electric and auxiliary systems.

The standards were developed by Dr. Dietrich Sahm, ISO's Chair.

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With standardization usually comes faster implementation, so with organizations such as ISO producing recommendations for standardization and safety, the setting for the rise of the electric vehicle is given.

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