Innovative Peraves E-Tracer Aims for Automotive X-Prize

Peraves E-Tracer

In brief: Speed and handling are what mark this X-Prize entrant, with its unique enclosed cabin bicycle design.

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Make/Model: E-Tracer
Manufacturer: Peraves

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Peraves E-Tracer

The E-Tracer is an X-Prize entrant with the capability of going to the top of its class, taking its piece of that $10 million prize. Its efficiency, handling, and speed are sure placers in the upcoming competition.

The E-Tracer is based on Peraves' MonoTracer petrol design, using electrics rather than ICE and featuring the Swiss company's notable and unique design.

The two-seater uses an AC Propulsion induction motor to pull 204hp (150kW) at 162lb-ft of torque. This produces a 0-60 time of only 4 seconds and speeds up to 150 miles per hour (limited). It's 20kWh battery pack gives it a 185 mile range with enough left over to "limp" at 50mph for another 20 miles.

The vehicle is already in pre-order for production and costs a cool $107,800USD. A 268hp Ultra-Sport model is in the works as well, likely with a much higher price tag.

Here is the gasoline model in action:

And so ...

Note the outrigger training wheels that keep it from tipping and the thin profile.

Photo credits: Peraves

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