Ice Road Truckers Move Over for Power of One Solar Car

XOF1 on ice road

In brief: The Power of One (XOF1) solar car arrived in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada after a successful run over the ice road from Inuvik - a 116 mile trip.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: XOF1
Manufacturer: Marcelo da Luz

The word

Power of One solar car on the ice road

Braving treacherous terrain, the Power of One had sunny skies, but adverse road conditions on the ice. Four flat tires, several spinouts, and white-knuckled worry over not having enough power to travel at 25-40mph over the ice road made the trip memorable, for sure.

The return trip was no less hair-raising as a week's worth of sunny weather made the road conditions worse.

And so ...

Team members Marcelo da Luz, Jim White and Lydia Perr have been touring Canada with the Power of One solar car.

Photo credits: Power of One Team

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