Honda's EV-N concept hints at good things to come

EV N 1.jpg

In Brief: Add another eco-friendly Honda concept to the scroll of green vehicles coming to Tokyo in late October.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: EV-N Concept
Manufacturer: Honda Motor Co

The Word

Images of Honda's tiny EV-N concept, an all-electric vehicle the company mentioned it would be bringing to the Tokyo Motor Show months ago, are finally starting to appear in the media, and few outlets seem capable of avoiding the adjective 'cute'.

Honda EVN

The EV-N comes with swappable seats as well as solar panels in the roof, and it hints back to the 1960s Honda N360 Mini.

EVN int

Yet without doubt, the best feature is the U3-X personal mobility device Honda has built into the side panel of the door (see pic below). Whether you like the U3-X or not, the idea of putting one into the door is extraordinarily clever.


And so …

There's virtually no chance anyone in any market will see anything remotely like the EV-N on their local roads in the future, but that's not what concepts are for. Kind of a shame, since she's an attractive little vehicle, and with Honda's tech, she might be capable of decent specs. Let's hope Honda does the right thing and transfers the best of this concept into a production car down the road.

Photo credits: Honda

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