Honda Unveils Fit EV Concept

Honda Fit EV concept
In brief: Honda Motor Co President and CEO Takanobu Ito unveiled the new Fit EV concept electric along with a platform for a mid-sized plug-in hybrid at the LA Auto Show.

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Make/Model: Fit EV concept Manufacturer: Honda

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Fit EV concept

The Fit EV is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) and is part of Honda's new Electric Mobility Network. The EMN is an approach towards reducing the total Honda fleet's CO2 emissions with a range of offerings and energy-management systems for production.

The new Fit electric will be introduced in the U.S. and Japan in 2012 with the current concept likely seeing some styling and other changes before that.

The new EV is aimed at metro commuters and shares its body and interior layout with the gasoline Fit - a 5-person hatchback. The EV will have lithium-ion batteries and a single motor, with a top speed of 90mph and 100 miles per charge.

This will make it direct competition for the Nissan Leaf, though the Leaf will have nearly 2 years of on-road exposure under its belt by the time the Fit EV comes to market.

The Fit, however, will also include the new 3-mode electric drive system that appears in the 2011 Honda CR-Z sport hybrid. This system allows the driver to select between three modes of economy (Econ, Normal, Sport) to maximize efficiency or power.

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Most of the Japanese automakers are competing with Toyota through the fast introduction of battery electrics. This strategy seems to be aimed at decreasing Toyota's dominant market share in the hybrid sector.

Photo credits: Honda

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