Honda Reveals New 3R-C Concept for Geneva Motor Show

Honda 3R-C concept
Honda 3R-C concept
Honda 3R-C concept

In brief: Honda unveiled this futuristic electric commuter concept in anticipation of the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

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Make/Model: 3R-C concept
Manufacturer: Honda Motors

The word

Honda 3R-C

The concept is a 3-wheeled, single-passenger urban commuter that is all electric. It's the latest of a series of futuristic concepts that Honda has released over the past year.

This concept was designed at the Honda research and development center in Milan. The concept has low-slung batteries and drive train components to give it a low center of gravity for both performance and stability.

Honda 3R-C

When parked, the car "folds" to enclose the driver's compartment and anything stored inside. When operating, the canopy is open, enclosing the driver in a motorcycle side-car-like design. A flexible, plastic canopy can be used to enclose the convertible during inclement weather.

Honda promises more details, such as motor and range, at the Geneva show.

Honda 3R-C

And so ...

While concepts at Honda are often innovative, like most car companies, most of their concepts never see production.

Photo credits: Honda

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