Honda P-NUT Concept Unveils at LA Auto Show

Honda P-NUT LA Show 2
Honda P-Nut LA Show
Honda P-NUT Concept

In brief: American Honda unveiled the Personal-Neo Urban Transport (P-NUT) concept at the LA Auto Show with a unique modular engine bay design.

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Make/Model: P-NUT Concept
Manufacturer: Honda

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Honda P-NUT Concept

This ultra-compact little car has a small footprint for maximum convenience in urban settings. The driver sits at center in front and the powertrain is all in the rear of the little car.

The engine space is modular so that a variety of propulsion technologies can be used in the platform easily. Honda offers the idea of a small displacement ICE, a gasoline-electric hybrid, and an all-electric option. The modularity cuts down on production costs.

Honda P-NUT LA Auto Show, ABG

The P-Nut seats three, with the driver at front-center and a two-passenger pilot-seat-style bench behind. The legroom is roughly equivalent to a mid-size sedan and since little space is required for the powertrain, most of the car's micro-size is devoted to interior space. The rear seats fold down for cargo storage, which is otherwise non-existent.

There is no dashboard, per se, but the lower portion of the large windshield acts as a heads-up display for that purpose. The lack of rear views is due to the car's backup camera which serves as the rear-view as well.

Honda P-NUT LA Auto Show, ABG

Honda gives no further specs on the car, as it's a pure concept.

And so ...

While it's questionable whether this concept would ever hit the market, it shows that the urban or neighborhood electric idea is still popular.

Photo credits: ABG, ADS of Honda

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