Hirsch Design Introduces Comoto Electric Motorcycle - Production This Year?

Comoto Electric Motorcycle

In brief: Hirsch Design has done two things: pushed the limits on how small and light an electric motorcycle can be without becoming a bicycle and still provide the performance expected from a motorcycle.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Comoto
Manufacturer: Hirsch Design

The word


The Comoto looks like a motocross bike crossed with a bicycle, but without the usual lame "moped" looks. The oversize tires and heavy frame combine with mountain-bike-style handlebars and a (relatively) small seat to make the general look of the Comoto.

The frame is lightweight T6 aircraft aluminum with dual front shocks and a single cantelever shock on the rear. The wheels are 26-inch mountain bike standard size, for which heavier performance alumninum is used and motorcycle-grade tires are fitted.

The Comoto is capable of 40mph speeds and 30 miles of range thanks to the 72V 20Ah li-ion phosphate battery pack.

And so ...

No word on price yet, but the Comoto is expected to be available later this year.

Photo credits: Hirsch Design

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