GM Study Highlights Technical Demands on Motors as Use Increases

GM Drive Cycle Comparison

In brief:A General Motors study shows that increasing the electrification of a vehicle also increases the technical demands on its motors.

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At the SAE 2010 Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Symposium, the GM Engineering Director, Pete Savigian, presented a study that shows that with increased electrification (more reliance on electricity to power the vehicle) comes an increased technical demand on its motors.

The study shows the increased power and thermal demands on various electric drive applications including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, range-extended hybrid, and all-electric drive trains. The study specifically focused on the thermal benefits of a bar wound stator rather than the wire wound stator that is more common.

The greater the electrification of the vehicle, the higher the peak torque and resulting power densities will be.

The study shows that the rigorous demands put on vehicles by most drivers mean that electric vehicles will require more reliable and stronger motors, tuned to the specific vehicle's peaks, in order to withstand the abuse.

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Interesting information and definitely something that all EV makers have to consider, though this study was made mainly to promote a new stator type.

Photo credits: SAE

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