GM Stages Autonomous Drive Test of EN-V Concepts

EN-V Jiao

In brief: General Motors and partner SAIC have demonstrated their EN-V electric concept vehicles on fully autonomous drive at Expo 2010.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Miao, Jiao, Xiao
Manufacturer: General Motors / SAIC

The word

EN-V Jiao

The three concept vehicles, the Miao, the Jiao (pictured), and the Xiao, all performed an autonomous driving demonstration at the GM-SAIC booth in the World Expo 2010. The demonstration had all of the models driving without occupants, autonomously.

The driving demonstration was to show that the vehicles could be operated without the passengers' involvement, leaving them free to engage in social networking, phone conversations, etc. while they commute.

The vehicles use a combination of wireless communication, GPS, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, and sensors to interact with the world around them.

And so ...

For more information on the EN-V concepts, see this link.

Photo credits: General Motors

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