Global Green Cars G-1 Electric Coupe


In brief: This two seat electric coupe from Global Green Cars gets up to 250 miles per charge.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Global Green Cars, G-1
Manufacturer: Global Green Cars

The word

The G-1 all-electric coupe from Global Green Cars is capable of 100 miles per hour, and comes in packages with ranges from 100 to 250 miles per charge. It's manufacturer's suggested retail for 100 miles of range? $18,000USD

The guts of the G-1 are all in the undercarriage and directly behind the cab. This means that it has both a front and rear trunk.

A steel safety cage gives it a USDOT capable rating (it has not completed testing). The G-1 is currently for sale on the Asian market.

And so ...

Colors are fully customizable and Global Green Cars, a Kentucky-based company, manufacturers most of the body and undercarriage in the USA.

Photo credits: Global Green Cars

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