Genovation brings their G1 conversion to Washington DC


In Brief: Maryland-based Genovation Inc will present their flagship vehicle, the G1—a Ford Focus EV conversion—this weekend in Washington DC.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: G1
Manufacturer: Genovation Inc.

The Word

Maryland-based Genovation Inc's first vehicle is the G1, a plug-in electric conversion of a Ford Focus.

The manufacturer—and by extension, the G1—currently eschews lithium ion technology as being unsafe in family vehicles. Consequently, the G1 uses Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM), which, according to the press release, are an "an advanced form of lead acid batteries and maintenance free", among other virtues. If you only read the release and the enormous praise heaped on AGM tech, you'd wonder why anyone bothered using anything less.


At any rate, the company will be presenting the G1 on 10 and 11 October at the upcoming Washington DC Green Festival.

In 2010, Genovation is promising the G2, "a custom designed frame and body that can accommodate all the major subsystems of a conventional car but in a lighter and more efficient design. The new body will be designed to include solar cell technology to assist in further reductions in fuel requirements."

And so …

And so … check out or the G1 for more information.

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