GE to Purchase 25,000 EVs by 2015: 12,000 To Be From GM

In brief: GE announced that they would be purchasing 25,000 electric vehicles (EVs) by 2015 and has now gone in-depth with what those vehicles will be and when they'll be acquired.

The word

GE LogoWith the surprise announcement of GE's plans for the world's largest electric vehicle purchase, little in the way of details was given. Those have now been supplied as the company solidifies its commitment.

GE plans to convert at least half of its global fleet of 30,000 to electrics (battery, hybrid, etc.) by 2015. About half of those, 12,000, are to be from General Motors (GM) with the first of those being purchases of the Chevy Volt.

Other vehicles will be added as manufacturer's expand their offerings.

And so ...

GE, of course, has a personal stake in the electric vehicle game, so this move makes a lot of sense for them.

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