GE to Order "10s of Thousands of EVs"

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In brief: General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt says that the company will be ordering tens of thousands of electric vehicle in the next week.

The word

GE LogoThe speech by Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt was given in London and the CEO is quoted as saying "tens of thousands" when referring to the number of electric vehicles GE will order "in the next week."

Immelt says that about half of the company's sales force (that would be about 22,500 people) will be driving electric vehicles.

This is part of GE's $10 billion investment over the next five years in clean energy. GE produces several related products such as lithium-ion batteries (in a venture with A123 Systems) as well as sodium-based batteries such as those used in locomotives.

And so ...

So this isn't much of a stretch for the company, when you think about it.

Photo credits: Bloomberg

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