French Government to Buy 50,000 Electric Vehicles

Vehicules Electriques

In brief: The French Government's central purchasing authority, l'Union des Groupements d'Achats Publics (UGAP) has issued a call for bids and tenders for the group purchase of 50,000 electric vehicles.

The word

Vehicules ElectriquesThe Minister for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Marine Affairs, Jean-Louis Borloo and the Minister of Industry, Christian Estrosi, made the announcement. They are grouping orders from 20 public and private stakeholders that include Air France, Orange France Telecom, and others.

The UGAP group is looking for three types of EV:

  1. A light commercial van capable of 3m3 capacity
  2. A 2-seater compact van with a 1m3 capacity
  3. A passenger car that seats 4-5

All three vehicles must be capable of at least 68mph and 93 miles of range at full load and at the end of warranted battery life.

The vehicles must also have on-board charging and 5 meters of cable and the ability to plug into a standard EU outlet (230A/50V/16HzSP).

For now, UGAP is seeking competitive bids and dialogue with suppliers and manufacturers while gathering the orders from the participants.

Once dialogue completes and orders are in, UGAP will begin taking firm bids from suppliers and then purchasing sample vehicles for testing.

And so ...

No timetable was given, but the project is expected to take about four years and cost about $1.3 billion USD.

Photo credits: UGAP

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