Ford's Global Electric Vehicle Plans Extend to Europe - 5 Models by 2013

Ford BEV underthehood

In brief: The Ford Motor Company has announced plans for five new electric and hybrid-electric models for the European market by 2013.

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Ford BEV Under the Hood

Ford will be launching five new models in Europe by 2013 in the C, CD, and light commercial vehicle sectors. Two full battery-electrics (BEV) will be released in 2011 and 2012, the Transic Connect EV and the Ford Focus EV respectively.

Three other next-generation gas-hybrid-electric vehicles, one of which is a plug-in, will be introduced in 2013. No more details on these vehicles is given, other than they will be "based on Ford's global platforms."

Starting this year, a fleet of Transit Connects and Focus electrics will be on trial runs throughout Europe, including the UK and Germany.

And so ...

Speculation on which of Ford's other models will be in the three unannounced vehicles flies, but focuses mainly on small model cars.

Photo credits: Ford

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