Ford Transit Connect Electric Debuts as Both Van and Taxi in Chicago

Ford Transit Connect Electric

In brief: Ford unveiled the electric Transit Connect light truck platform at the Chicago Auto Show with plans for both a cargo and taxi version to begin hitting streets later this year.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Transit Connect
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Co

The word

Ford Transit Connect EV

The 2011 Transit Connect Electric will use the Force Drive electric powertrain made by Ford partner Azure Dynamics and batteries from partner Johnson Controls-Saft.

The lithium-ion battery pack totals 28kWh and powers a 300V 3-phase AC motor with 158Nm continuous torque. This allows the electric version of the Transit to accelerate at about the same rate as the gasoline-powered counterpart, which won the Green Car of the Year Award in December.

Top speed is 75mph and range is about 80 miles per charge. Charging can be from either a 120V or 240V charging station, with 240V charging taking 6-8 hours to full.

The body of the van is exactly the same as its gasoline counterpart, including options and accessories.

The Transit Connect Electric will be built for fleets starting later this year and will be available in configurations for both delivery box (as shown) or a taxi cab version.

And so ...

Other options for Transit Connect vehicles include CNG, gasoline, LPN, and more. Ford is going all-out with this one.

Photo credits: Ford

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