Ford Kicks Off 14-City Electric Vehicle Tour

2011 Ford Transit Connect Electric

In brief: Ford Motors has kicked off a fourteen city electric vehicle tour in the Pacific Northwest to promote EVs in what many think will be the nation's hub for electrics.

The word

Ford Transit Connect EV

The Charging Into the Future Tour began Monday at Portland State University with the Ford Focus Electric and the Ford Fusion Hybrid on display and available for test drives. The Transit Connect EV (pictured) is expected to be on hand later in the tour.

At the event, Ford and General Electric formally announced a partnership to share information on charging needs and to educate consumers about electric vehicles.

Working with state and local governments, the two companies plan to gain support for charging station permitting and EV incentives.

With third partner Pacific Gas & Electric, Ford and GE believe that Oregon will be the center for electric vehicle action, with 1,000 public charging stations available by June 30, 2011 according to PGE.

And so ...

With Ford introducing five new electrics (hybrids and battery), GE working on charging station technologies, and utilities like PGE offering plug-in stations, it's a bright future for electrics.

Photo credits: Ford

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