Ford and Microsoft Team Up On Electric Vehicle Technology

Microsoft Hohm
Ford Hohm Dashboard

In brief: Ford and Microsoft have teamed to ad electric vehicle recharging to Microsoft's Hohm software, an energy efficiency and automation suite for use in connected homes.

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Make/Model: Hohm
Manufacturer: Microsoft

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Microsoft Hohm

The software is meant to optimize how a home's energy usage is controlled. It can automate climate controls, lighting, and more. Now it can also help your plug-in vehicle charge in the most efficient way possible as well.

The Hohm software not only controls energy usage in the home, but it can communicate with smart grids to choose the best times (off-peak) to do some tasks such as working with smart appliances to run during the best time of day.

Hohm can be controlled from a computer, a smart phone, and now from the dashboard of smart Ford vehicles. The software provides output of energy usage, graphs and hints showing how it can be improved, and so forth.

Microsoft Hohm - Ford Dashboard

Ford expects the upcoming Ford Focus Electric to be the first of their vehicles to fully utilize Microsoft Hohm (dashboard shown).

And so ...

Soon, everything in our lives will be inter-connected through technology: our cars, our houses, and our social networks.

Photo credits: Ford

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