Ford and Best Buy to Offer 240V Home Chargers for EVs

Ford Focus Electric charging station
In brief: Ford and Best Buy have teamed up to offer electric vehicle consumers 240V home charging stations and installation.

The word

Ford Focus Electric Charger

With the planned release of the Ford Focus Electric in 2012 will come the need for charging stations in consumer's homes. Ford has partnered with Best Buy to provide those.

Setup will be possible individually through a local Best Buy store or through the dealership when the Focus Electric is purchased. Best Buy will be offering the units, installation services, and consultation should the consumer choose their own installer. Warranty and service will be given through Best Buy's Geek Squad in-house electronics service.

Once installed, the charging station is fully modular, allowing it to be replaced or upgraded without the need of tools. Installation requirements are for a 240V outlet, not a connection, so the units can be plugged in and unplugged as desired.

And so ...

Very interesting and possibly trend-setting design idea from Ford. Many may already have 240V outlets in their garages, making the charging system plug-and-play.

Photo credits: Ford

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