First BYD e6 EV Arrives in Europe

BYD e6 in Rotterdam

In brief: Chinese automaker BYD and Rotterdam City have entered into an agreement to use the e6 electric car as part of the Netherlands' green transportation project called "75-EV-RO".

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: e6
Manufacturer: BYD

The word

Prince Marits van Oranje, Netherlands, and the BYD e6

The first of the fleet of e6s arrived in the Netherlands and was debuted with a test drive from Netherlands Prince Marits van Oranje (above) to kick off the e6's entrance into the 75-EV-RO project.

The Rotterdam government will purchase a total of 75 new energy vehicles to showcase various new automotive technologies in the green sector to the people of the country.

The e6 uses a li-ion phosphate battery pack made by BYD (the world's largest maker of cell phone batteries) and is a crossover-style, battery electric vehicle BEV). It gets up to 186 miles per charge and has been on the road in China as a taxi for more than a year with over 1.86 million miles of service so far (fleet miles).

And so ...

BYD has struggled with electric vehicle sales, failing to sell their hybrid options in any large amount and showing a slower than expected rollout of the e6.

Photo credits: Rotterdam City

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