Ev'ie Citroen Conversion to Get Advanced Axeon Batteries

ECC Ev'ie

In brief: The Electric Car Corporation, which converts the Citroen C1 to an all-electric called the Ev'ie, has penned a deal with battery maker Axeon for next-generation lithium-ion battery systems.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Ev'ie
Manufacturer: Citroen / Electric Car Corp

The word

Ev'ie from ECC

Having left the United Kingdom for greener pastures in Denmark, the Electric Car Corporation has taken another step forward to ad lithium-ion batteries made by Axeon to the Ev'ie.

Axeon is Europe's largest independent battery maker for lithium-ion systems. The new batteries are a huge performance enhancer for the Ev'ie and are expected to begin showing up in the little electrics beginning later this year.

No specifics were given as to vehicle performance enhancements, but the new batteries offer 230 watt hours per kilogram, which could potentially add 30-40% more to the current Ev'ie's range of 60 miles per charge.

And so ...

Great news for the upstart ECC.

Photo credits: Electric Car Corp

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