EV Microcar T.27 Crash Test Successful

T27 crash test
In brief: The EV microcar by Gordon Murray, the T.27, has passed its first crash test with flying colors.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: T.27
Manufacturer: Gordon Murray

The word

T.27 crash test

The tiny T.27 electric microcar underwent crash testing at the Motor Industry Research Association in the United Kingdom. It met mandatory EEC 40% offset deformable barrier front high speed impact with no cabin intrusion. Proof positive that microcars can be as safe as larger vehicles.

Murray has taken a sabbatical from his usual work designing high performance Formula 1 racers and road machines to work on this micro city car concept. The T.27.

The T.27 is barely 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, about the size of the Toyota iQ or Smart ForTwo, but with seating for three instead of just two (driver in front, passengers behind).

And so ...

This is good news for the commuter car industry and shows that the belief that microcars can't be safe is false.

Photo credits: Gordon Murray Designs

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