EU Aims for EV Standardization by 2012

SAE Yazaki 7 plug

In brief: The European Union plans to have electric vehicle standards in place by 2012.

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SAE Yazaki 7 Plug

While no international standard for electric vehicle plug-ins and materials have been set, several countries including the U.S. have moved forward on safety standards and standardized plugs. The European Union plans to have proposed standards by the end of the year and standards set in place by 2012.

Differing from the U.S., the EU standards will likely include EMF shielding as many European countries have EMF limits. Other standards will include warning label affixing, voltage limits, and so forth.

For 2011, the EU plans to release proposed standards for vehicle charging and connectors.

And so ...

It's likely that, for the latter, the EU will adopt something similar to the American SAE plug.

Photo credits: Reuters

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