EU Agrees to First Phase of Joint Specs for Plug-in Vehicles and the Grid


In brief: ACEA, the European automotive manufacturers association, has agreed to first phase joint specifications to connect electrically charged vehicles to the grid in a safe and user-friendly way.

The word


The agreement covers currently in-place and widely-used or ready-to-use technologies and infrastructure on both electric vehicles (EV) and private or public plug-in locations.

Specifically, these specs cover short- and medium-term charging and is not meant to be a long-term solution for specifications, which will begin discussion soon. This solution gives more uniformity for the EU as-is with 1 and 3-phase AC charging for small and light-duty vehicles.

Phase 2 of the discussions will be more harmonized and will likely take effect in 2017, giving industry enough lead time to comply.

And so ...

The current agreement does not restrict vehicle-side inlets (plugs) as several are already on the market, though industry standards have already begun to emerge for Mode 2 and 3 plugs. Much of the specs focus on public charging stations on the infrastructure side, which are already relatively uniform thanks to related regulatory requirements for electrical outlets.

Photo credits: ACEA

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