ePower Trucks Launches New Electric with Swappable Batteries

ePower XT320E 3.5t

In brief: ePower Trucks, based in the United Kingdom, has introduced a new light commercial truck, the XT320E 3.5t with a swappable battery system.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: XT320E 3.5t
Manufacturer: ePower Trucks

The word

ePower Truck XT320E 3.5t

The truck is a 1,000kg payload electric with a price tag of $47,000USD and is capable of 60 miles per charge.

Its 13kWh battery pack is lead-acid, adapted from military use in tanks, and can operate at temperatures as low as -20C. They can be swapped out in less than three minutes using a forklift or pallet truck. Batteries can be doubled for a 120 mile range, but reducing payload to 670kg.

And so ...

Total vehicle weight is 3.5 tonnes, hence it's name.

Photo credits: ePower Trucks

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