EPA Says Tesla Model S has 265 miles range, 89 MPGe

Tesla Model S (on road)

In brief: The official mileage and efficiency numbers for the Model S have been released.

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Make/Model: Model S
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

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The official Environmental Protection Agency numbers for the soon-to-release Tesla Model S have been released. The car achieves 265 miles per charge and gets 89 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe).

The news comes as no surprise to Tesla Motors, which estimated almost those exact numbers when announcing the car will begin delivery to pre-purchase customers this summer.

The ratings apply to the base model of the S, whose price is $77,400 before federal incentives. It begins delivery as soon as the first 1,000 Model S cars are delivered as the company's "Signature Series."

And so ...

Things are falling in line for Tesla Motors to become the world's most well-known and even hottest-selling electric car maker.

Photo credits: Tesla Motors

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