Enova Systems and Freightliner to Deploy All-Electric Fleets

FCCC and Enova "Ze" utility

In brief: The Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) and Enova Systems in Torrance, California, have completed the first of four phases in producing an all-electric delivery van for market in 2010.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: MT-45 and Others
Manufacturer: Freightliner Custom Chassis

The word

Freightliner / Enova MT-45 Ze

Targeting the MT-45 as a first model, the collaboration between FCCC and Enova aims to have the first of them (called the Ze) available for fleet leasing in 2010, on schedule.

These trucks are the common delivery vans used by bread, snack foods, and similar vendors as well as small delivery and package services.

The Enova system is a 120kW electric drive system that offers a 19,000 pound gross vehicle weight (10,000 pounds of freight in an MT-45). A first-phase prototype has been built (pictured above) and shown to prospective buyers in California.

The next phase, set to begin later this month, is to lease the van to test fleets for on-road evaluations.

And so ...

It looks like Smith Electric has some competition now. Enova promises more information on the trucks once road testing is underway and preliminary results on range under daily use are available.

Photo credits: Enova and FCCC

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