Enova Plans Next-Generation Electric Ze Drive System in Early 2011

Enova Ze chassis breakdown

In brief: Enova Systems, which makes the Ze (Zero Emissions) drive system to convert Ford and Chevy truck-platforms to electric, is working on the next generation of their platform that will be 50% more efficient and less expensive.

The word

Enova Ze

Enova plans to have the new system ready for testing in early 2011. Most of the changes will take place in the controller and power electronics, all contained within the Motor Control Unit (MCU).

By simplifying the power electrics and wiring that goes with them, Enova hopes to lower the overall cost of the vehicle while at the same time boosting efficiency.

And so ...

This lower cost is essential to meeting corporate and OEM requirements for Return on Investment (ROI), which for commercial vehicles is usually expected within 3 years.

Photo credits: Enova

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