English cops testing EV prototype as police cruiser

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In brief: Cops in England will be sampling a patrol EV that's substantially different than what's being put together in the States right now.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: i-Miev
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Carbon's E7 above, Chevy Caprice below

The word

While Ford is launching its purpose-built Police Interceptor, Chevrolet is launching a leaner, meaner Caprice Cruiser, and upstart Carbon Motors E7 is putting together the coolest and most intimidating police patrol car that we've ever seen, police in the English town of Hampshire are testing an elctric prototype for their own squad that is decidedly less aggressive or intimidating, the whole thing lending itself to some rather obvious observations about the needs of police in America and those in England.


According to a recent item in getHampshire.co.uk, local police in this town will be using a prototype for Mitsubishi's i-MiEV to patrol the mean streets of Hampshire and Winchester. The vehicle, which gets about 100 miles per charge and can reach a top speed of 87 mph, is on loan only and is being tested as an experiment. Police say one advantage will be the vehicle's operational silence, which will allow them to sneak up on unsuspecting criminals.

And so ….

UK and European police cars have never been very intimidating, so the idea of using an i-MiEV to chase down perps is totally plausible. While overseas this would look like a legitimate cop car, here in the US it would immediately be discounted as something a rent-a-cop might drive.

by Ross Bonander

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