EMC Gets New President, Promises to Unveil Electric Full-sized Pickup in April

Hidden Truck

In brief: The Electric Motors Corporation has hired Frank Jenkins, formerly of General Motors, to head up its operations and has promised to unveil its electric full-sized pickup truck, the Flash, in April at the New York International Auto Show.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Flash
Manufacturer: Electric Motors Corp

The word

Mystery Truck

The Flash promises 40-100 miles per gallon and will likely be a conversion of a current model pickup truck. The company is ramping up operations at its Indiana base.

Partnering with RV-maker Gulf Stream Coach, the company is planning to build light-duty electric pickups using Gulf Stream chassis expertise. They are targeting midwest sales, America's heartland of pickup truck owners.

Given their new President's expertise in sales and marketing, having taken GM commercial truck sales and doubled them during his time there, EMC may be in good hands.

And so ...

In April, we will see how much of this is talk and how much is reality, but the full-sized pickup truck is definitely a neglected market for EV manufacturers that needs attention.

Photo credits: EMC

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