ElectroCat - First Electric Motorcycle to Conquer Pikes Peak in Colorado

ElectroCat Pikes Peak 2
ElectroCat Pikes Peak 1

In brief: Eva Hakansson and her home-grown electric motorcycle, ElectroCat, are the first known electric motorcycle and rider to drive historic Pike's Peak in Colorado.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ElectroCat
Manufacturer: Eva Hakansson

The word

Eva on Pikes Peak

The road to Pike's Peak is normally closed until sometime late in the spring when most of the snow is gone from the 14,110 foot peak and the dirt road becomes passable. In a test run for June's Pike's Peak International Hill Climb, Eva and members of the KillaCycle Team managed to make the run safely.

The Pike's Peak trail (road) is about half pavement and half sand-and-gravel and runs for about 12 miles in total. That 12 miles sees a rise in elevation from about 9,400 feet to 14,110 feet - a distance of a mile.

Norm, Manfred, Eva, and Joe of KillaCycle Racing on Pikes Peak with ElectroCat

Eva's endeavors on the ElectroCat are thanks to several sponsors, including A123 Systems for batteries and the University of Denver where she is a graduate student.

And so ...

The June 27th Pike's Peak event will be amazing to see. Eva hopes to have regenerative braking on the ElectroCat by then.

Photo credits: Eva Hakansson

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