ElectroCat Electric Motorcycle Takes Pike's Peak Record in Hill Climb

ElectroCat Pikes Peak 3

In brief: ElectroCat, the electric street motorcycle made by Eva Hakansson and the team at KillaCycle Racing, is the very first electric motorcycle to conquer the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb with a time of 16:55.849.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ElectroCat
Manufacturer: KillaCycle Racing

The word

ElectroCat at Pike's Peak

Ridden by John Scollon, the ElectroCat set the first-ever record for the hill climb. Sponsored by A123 Systems, the University of Denver, and with help from many others, the motorcycle made the climb in just under 17 minutes.

According to Eva Hakansson, owner of the ElectroCat, the biggest challenge was getting the bike into the competition itself. Because there had never been an electric motorcycle in the Pike's Peak IHC, there was controversy over how it would be judged and considered.

The ElectroCat team eventually won out, though they had to switch riders at the last minute due to injury. Eva was to ride ElectroCat (as she did during trials) in the race, but after injuring her wrist earlier in the week, she had to give up the saddle to veteran hill climber John Scollon, who completed the run and set the new record.

And so ...

Congratulations to everyone involved in the ElectroCat's historic PPIHC run!

Photo credits: Eva Hakansson

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