ElectriCab Operates in Sacramento, Driving Fares Silently Around Town

ElectriCab E1

In brief: The ElectriCab E1, a converted Ford Windstar minivan, operates on the streets of Sacramento, California, has reached as far as 428 miles per day of operation.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ElectriCab E1
Manufacturer: ElectriCab Technologies

The word

ElectriCab E1

The van is a converted Ford Windstar, which has been made all-electric (or battery electric) and its range is not thanks to a huge battery pack, but rather a rapid-charger.

One one charge, the van is capable of an average of 142 miles from its 65kWh battery pack.

The vehicle has been in development for over 8 years with the current version being the latest. Future plans include a higher-level charger (700amps or Level 4) as a high-voltage version of the van.

Other plans include the marketing of both an electric town car and a foreign-market taxi prototype.

The Chairman of the company, Robert Kittell, PE, is the engineer behind the battery packs that the company designs themselves. They want to hit 700 miles in daily range this year, proving that electric taxi cabs are viable right now, today.

And so ...

Very cool indeed as this startup and DIY group gets their product perfected.

Photo credits: ElectriCab

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