Electric Wolf Motorcycle - Light and Predatory

Amarok Electric Wolf

In brief: The Wolf is an electric race bike that focuses on something other electric racers haven't so much: on weight.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Amarok (experimental)
Manufacturer: Michael Uhlarik

The word

Amarok Wolf

Consider this the second-generation of electric racing bikes. Last year's TTXGP and other moto events showcased the first generation of the electric motorcycle in racing. Now that the powertrain and speed issues are resolved for these bikes, Amarok has turned to weight.

Michael Uhlarik, the Canadian motorcycle designer, built the Amarok P1 with weight as a primary focus. The name Amarok means "wolf" in Inuit.

The bike weighs only 325 pounds. That's in the average for most Moto GP bikes and nearly half of what electric champion racer Chip Yates' bike weighs.

That weight difference changes the dynamics of the bike a lot. It's 7.5kWh battery pack powers two Agni 95 electric motors around at least 12 laps for the TTXGP. Compare that to the average 12kWh of most TTXGP bikes last year.

The bike is also smaller in the chassis, making a tighter, maneuverable package with a lot less aerodynamic drag. Unlike most other TTXGP entrants, the Amarok is designed and built from scratch using standard alloys and easily-sourced materials. No exotics included.

Design forms like the fake fuel tank which is actually an air duct for cooling the motors. Innovations like this mean the bike is much more compact, aerodynamic, and (potentially) powerful.

And so ...

Until the races begin, Uhlarik is keeping the actual power specs of the Amarok to himself.

Photo credits: Uhlarik

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