Electric Trabant Production Model Unveiled as the Trabant nT

Trabant unveiling
Trabant nT

In brief: The bare-bones, retro-chic Trabant nT unveils in a production model battery electric.

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Make/Model: Trabant nT
Manufacturer: Herpa

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The cloth comes off the Trabant nT

The original Trabant was the workhorse and everyday car of Eastern Germany during the Communist occupation. Known for its unchanging design, flatulent and extremely dirty combustion engine (a 2-stroke), and as being one of the most iconic and polluting cars ever created, the Trabant has enjoyed a nostalgic comeback of late.

The comeback was through a 1:82 scale model made by Herpa. Noticing this, the company decided there was merit in the idea of making a full-sized, scale model.

That grew into the idea of making it electric so that it could make a showing at the 2010 IAA, the international auto show in Hamburg.

Earlier, Herpa unveiled the computer model of the car as a concept for final build. Ross covered that here at FutureCars when it broke.

Now the fully-functional production-level model has been completed and unveiled with limited sales planned to begin with next year's IAA show.

Unveiled Trabant nT

The electric Trabant is called the nT and has a top speed of 70mph, a range of 150 miles per charge, and is a bare-bones, no frills EV--just like it's predecessor was for ICE vehicles. The price tag? About $29,000USD.

The car isn't like to come to North America, but the car promises to have a loyal and quick-adopting fan base in Europe, especially the former bloc countries where the original Trabant was so plentiful.

And so ...

Great vehicle concept and these retro throwbacks seem to be catching on world wide. Vespa-like electric scooters, both Honda and BMW coming out with "classic" models in EV form, and countless restorations happening on any one of thousands of favorite old-school models are happening.

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