Electric Racer Beats Out Gas Motorcycles on the Track

Chip Yeats on a lap
In brief: Chip Yeats and Swigz.com Pro Racing raced a bike against gasoline competitors in a competition event, taking second in the superstock expert class and third in the superbike expert class.

The word

Chip Yeats on e-Superbike

Yates originally began developing the bike for racing in the TTXGP electric motorcycle grand prix, but was unable to do so when a rule change made his bike too heavy. His design includes kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and can put out 194hp and 295lb-ft of torque. It's oddly shaped back end accommodates a large battery pack to keep the bike streamlined.

Upon being unable to enter the TTXGP, Yates decided to go back to his stomping grounds in gas-powered motos, but took the e-bike with him. He ended up in the saddle for the WERA Heavyweight Twins race last Sunday (Jan 9) on Fontana, California.

Against bikes like the Ducati 848s and the KTM RC8, Yates won out in two classes, pulling a second place win in the superstock expert class and a third place win in the superbike expert class.

The team says range was never an issue, as the bike handily did six laps on 100% power plus a cool-down lap with some to spare. His top speed was 158mph and had the fastest lap of all (1:39.792).

And so ...

Yates himself was surprised by the showing, saying they expected this first time around to net maybe a 5th or 6th place spot.

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