Electric Motor Unveils the EMAX 72DS


In brief: The electric motocross market has exploded and now Electric Motor has entered the arena with a new Enduro-style on/off road bike.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: EMAX 72DS
Manufacturer: Electric Moto Corporation

The word


The California-based company will be in direct competition with Zero Motorcycles and Quantya, who faced off last year in a head-to-head electric motocross exhibition in Las Vegas.

The new motorcycle is the EMAX 72DS. The 72 is the voltage on the battery pack (72v), which provides 3 hours of run time, and the DS is "dual sport" meaning the bike is both off-road and road legal.

The bike has a 40Nm torque motor pushing it up to 60mph and prices start at only $9,995. The bike is slated for availablility in 2010.

And so ...

The company has three other electric vehicles in the works, including a bicycle, an ATV, and a personal watercraft.

Photo credits: Electric Moto

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