Electric Drag Bike Racing Goes KillaRocket in 2010

Lawless Rocket
In brief: Two electric drag motorcycles trade records and raise speeds in 2010.

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Larry McBride on the Lawless Rocket

Here at FutureCars.com, we're big fans of the KillaCycle Team and their various projects centered around electric motorcycles. From the record-setting KillaCycle dragster to the ElectroCat motorbike on Pike's Peak to the newly-built KillaJoule streamliner, we've followed them all.

Now there's a new dragster in town. Fans of the hit Discovery show Orange County Choppers (OCC) will recognize The Lawless Rocket, which was designed and built by the OCC team on an episode that aired in September. The bike is owned by and was made in collaboration with Shawn Lawless, a legend in electric racing.

From the get-go, the Rocket was aiming to topple the KillaCycle's record, breaking the Guiness Book of World Records Fastest Electric Vehicle entry on August 29 at 7.77 seconds / 165mph (1/4 mile, ridden by Larry McBride).

The KillaCycle, ridden by Scotty Pollacheck, still held the National Electric Drag Racing Association's top time, re-setting it a month later with a 7.864 / 169mph run to solidify the record.

The next month, though, the Rocket hit the track and took the NEDRA record to finish out the 2010 season, pulling a screaming 7.703 seconds / 168mph.

The KillaCycle still holds several other records, including the 1/8th mile (5.211 seconds, 134.8mph), and was the first electric drag bike to set the NEDRA record (2006). The ElectroCat also holds records.

And so ...

With competition heating up, 2011 promises to be a tire-smokin' year for electric drag racing.

Statistics, video, and photo courtesy of NEDRA

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