Electric Dacia Pickup from Electric Motor Cars Debuts in Iowa

Dacia Logan

In brief: Dacia is a Romanian carmaker which has seen limited release in the U.S. with its Logan pickup truck. Now, an all-electric version of the Logan is in Iowa under the Electric Motor Cars (EMC) marque.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Logan Electric
Manufacturer: Electric Motor Cars / Dacia

The word

Dacia Logan electric

Dacia, now owned by Renault, has been rebuilding its reputation by building reliable cars at low cost for the emerging markets. The company has agreements with EMC to produce electrics based on their platforms, starting with the Logan pickup.

The truck has a 260 mile range per charge, can carry up to 2,000 pounds, and the motor is of U.S. origin.

Retailing for $33,950 (before incentives), the Logan Electric is currently available from three dealerships in Iowa. One dealership, the Des Moines Motors, expects to have about 100 total electric models from EMC available before the summer.

EMC, for their part, thinks that if enough demand is available in the U.S., the company may ship parts from Romania and assemble them in the U.S. - either Florida or Iowa.

And so ...

The company plans to introduce a van and a station wagon in the near future as well.

Photo credits: Des Moines Register

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