Electric Car Platform Lets You Build Your Own Vehicle

Trexa EV concept
Trexa EV concept

In brief: A company called Trexa wants to offer something totally unique in the automotive world: a plug-and-play electric car.

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Make/Model: EV Concept
Manufacturer: Trexa

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Trexa Concept

Starting with the platform, seen here, Trexa wants to empower car buyers, dealers, and designers to build their own electric vehicle by using plug-and-play parts that require only simple snap-together-like building.

Imagine taking a bare platform, as shown, adding your own electronic steering system, self-designed body work, interior seating and ergonomics, and more all from selected modular parts that you or the car dealer just plug in or snap into place.

How cool is that?

Trexa Concept

Trexa envisions the system being used for everything from small neighborhood electrics to "highway trains" and even sporting and other specialties.

The platform contains the drive train and all components and is missing only the body and controls. The design concept is capable of 0-60mph is about 8 seconds, a top speed of 100mph, and has a 105 mile range per charge.

And so ...

Definitely a very cool idea!

Photo credits: Trexa

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