Electric Car Corporation Leaves the UK for Denmark

ECC Ev'ie

In brief: The Electric Car Corporation, which converts Citroen C1 cars into electrics they call the ev'ie, is moving from Bedfordshire, England to Denmark after announcing that the UK government isn't giving enough subsidies.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Ev'ie
Manufacturer: ECC

The word

ECC Ev'ie

In what can only be announced as childish pouting, ECC has announced that they're taking their marbles and going to play with different friends.

The company has announced that they will be moving operations to Denmark after the UK government failed to announce higher subsidies for electric car purchasers in 2011.

Denmark, meanwhile, is offering a 5,000 Euro subsidy starting in 2011, raising the bar on their current tax incentives.

And so ...

ECC will be packing up and moving next year, hoping for greener pastures elsewhere in the EU.

Photo credits: ECC

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