Edison2's Very Light Car Concept Hits Electric Avenue

Edison2 Very Light Car

In brief: The Progressive Automotive X-Prize Booth at this year's NAIAS show in Detroit sported several interesting designs from the upcoming competition. One of those was this Very Light Car (VLC) design from Edison2.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: VLC
Manufacturer: Edison2

The word

Edison2 VLC

The core idea behind the VLC is just what it's name says: strip away everything that ads weight and complexity and keep the car on the KISS principle. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

The concept resulted in this very simple, stylistically unique, and functional electric car.

The car uses a small, internal combustion engine to meet the X-Prize's required 100mpg entry requirement, relying almost entirely on aerodynamics, light weight, and small size to do it.

Originally designed to be a plug-in hybrid, the designers realized that not only did this ad to the complexity, but it definitely added to the weight. Removing the hybrid components rather than the ICE meant better economy overall, so they aren't using electrics.

And so ...

The team is confident about their car and Edison2 continues to work to refine the design up to the date of the competition.

Photo credits: Edison2

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