ECV Reveals an All-Electric Taxi for London

ECV Vito taxi

In brief: Eco City Vehicles (ECV) has been offering high-efficiency Mercedes-Benz Vito minivans as taxi cabs in London. Now they are offering an all-electric version.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: eVito
Manufacturer: Mercedes / Eco City Vehicles

The word

Eco City Vehicles/Mercedes Vito Taxi

Named the "eVito" (short for Mercedes Electric eVito Taxi), the latest iteration of the Vito taxi cab meets its high-efficiency diesel cousin on the streets, will soon be offered for sale by ECV to taxi drivers in London.

Like it's diesel-powered cousin, the eVito will have four-wheel steering to make the 25-foot turning radius required of London cabs, but will have no tailpipe.

It includes a 70kW (94hp) motor powered by lithium-ion batteries with a 120 mile range in "mixed-cycle" (meaning in-city start-stop) use. The new taxis will be available and on the streets before the 2012 Olympics.

And so ...

Taxi cabs are definitely one type of transportation that can greatly benefit from electric propulsion.

Photo credits: Eco City Vehicles

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