e-Traction Delivers Electric Drive Buses to Rotterdam

e-Traction e-Busz

In brief: e-Traction is a European low-floor fleet bus integrator. The company has delivered the first of two e-Busz electric drive buses to the Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram (RET).

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: e-Busz
Manufacturer: e-Traction

The word


The e-Busz is a VDL Bus & Coach Citea CLF model converted to e-Traction's third-generation electric drive system. This system is designed around the new and more powerful SM500/3FE wheel hub motor units.

These SM500/3FE units give more power, a greater range of missions, and are more efficient. A rear axle built specifically to house the motors was designed.

Valence Technology provides the U27 XP Lithium-Ion batteries that power the bus. These new-generation batteries are capable of more storage, faster input/output, and have greater longevity compared to their predecessors.

Two motors in each end of the axle drive the tires on the e-Busz in the SM500 axles in tandem. An auxiliary power unit is included with the bus to ensure range.

And so ...

The design is unique and will be tested in Rotterdam this year.

Photo credits: e-Traction

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