E-Grand Prix Electric Motorcycle Race at Infinion (TTXGP)

TTXGP EGrandPrix

In brief: The Electric Motorcycle Grand Prix at the Infinion Raceway took place on May 16 with Shawn Higbee (#23) coming out the winner.

The word


The race was extremely exciting and featured some of the hottest electric racers in the motorcycle industry. Motorcycle companies like Zero Motorcycles (Zero's Higbee won the race) were pitted against one-off models and even a couple of home grown racers.

The race came down to two motrocycles, one ridden by Michael Barnes and another by (eventual winner) Shawn Higbee. The two bikes were a pit of strength versus dexterity as the more powerful bike took the lead in straightaways while the more nimble took the lead in the turns.

And so ...

The next race is June 3-6 at Road America. Here is a video highlight of the May race from Zero Motorcycles:

Photo credits: TTXGP

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