DOE Optimistic about Obama's 1 Million Plug-ins by 2015

DOE 1M EVs 2015 chart

In brief: The U.S. Department of Energy has released numbers to support President Obama's optimistic "million electric cars by 2015" statement.

The word

US DOE 1M EVs by 2015 Chart

The DOE released the above chart to show how a million electric vehicles (plug-ins) could be feasibly on American roads by 2015. The chart breaks down expected electric vehicles from various manufacturers and their announced production numbers through 2015.

The chart was released as part of the DOE's support of President Obama's announced goal to have a million plug-in electrics on U.S. roads by 2015.

Critics, however, point out that the numbers are projected figures and marketing numbers from automakers, not exact or likely figures. Chevrolet, for instance, has already downplayed their plans for 120,000 Volts next year (which the chart shows) and did so before the chart's release.

Proponents point out that some manufacturers aren't included on the list (the plug-in Prius is not, for instance) and the chart only expects about 1.7% of light vehicle sales to be electrics.

And so ...

The goal and chart are optimistic and bold, but are they realistic?

Photo credits: DOE

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