Daimler Looking for Smart Car Collaborator - Likely to Team With Renault

Smart ForTwo

In brief: Daimler is looking to build a 4-door model of the Smart ForTwo EV commuter car and is rumored to be looking for a partner in the endeavor. Most pundits point to Renault as their likely choice.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Smart ForFour?
Manufacturer: Daimler

The word

Daimler Smart ForTwo

The diminutive Smart ForTwo commuter car (pictured) is slowly but surely gaining ground as an electric car of choice, with several rollouts happening in the U.S. market throughout 2010.

Looking ahead, however, Daimler has been working towards a larger, more family-friendly car with four doors and seating for four or five.

While Daimler has relationships with Mercedes-Benz, selling them their ForTwo to be rebranded for European sales, the company is said to be looking for a more affordable automaker to build a larger EV with in collaboration.

Rumors of quiet talks between Daimler and Renault have been circulating and the matchup would definitely make sense. Renault is the Better Place choice for EVs to go with their charging station scheme, so a Daimler deal would be an excellent addition.

Daimler's CEO Dieter Zetsche has announced that the company will formally name its chosen partner by mid-2010.

And so ...

Interesting tidbits, but nothing substantial yet. The Daimler-Renault team does seem obvious to many in the industry, however.

Photo credits: Daimler

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