Coulomb To Offer Stand-Alone Rapid-Charging Stations to Retail Businesses

Coulomb ChargePoint

In brief: One of the biggest perceived problems with the marketability of electric vehicles is "range anxiety." Coulomb, who manufactures EV charging stations, thinks they have a fix for that.

The word

Coulomb ChargePointCoulomb has been designing and marketing vehicle charging stations for some time. Their fast-charging stations are capable of filling an electric vehicle's batteries to 80% in as little as 15 minutes.

The ChargePoint stations are built for commercial and fleet use, normally, but Coulomb saw an opportunity and partnered with Aker Wade Power Technologies to produce one meant to be installed at businesses or even gas filling stations.

The station is being tested in Japan right now and could see market sales by year's end. The problem? The price tag is $60,000 and station owners aren't likely to see a profit on the ChargePoint any time soon, if at all.

And so ...

This Level III ChargePoint, being tested in Japan, has a dedicated 480V, 125amp charger developed for the grid with the Tokyo Power Company.

Photo credits: Coulomb

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